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Is there any way to fix it? I'm having just as much fun, and difficulty, as the first time around. -Compare the two sets that you can change, notice a pattern? it wasnt as good as #2 plot wise but it was just as taxing perhaps even more so if you dont count the darn e=mc^2 puzzle lol. covert front You can follow the on screen instructions for the first part. Then go one room over to the left and go down. The second ending is to solve the puzzle. Kommentieren. 3)Go Left Go Down and take Secret 12 from between the cords on the ground. I'm stuck on the second set of controls on Level 3. There are 8 submachines ;D , newcomers are going to be busy 4 awhile O.o . The grid represents where all the switches you must trigger are. I dont understand the second puzzle. In each of the rooms that has a device you will see little dots above the big circle, just find the one that has one dot and click it, then two dots, then three dots and so on. banda If it does show the "Thanks for signing in" remark, remember to click the "Remember personal info" box if you wish to stay logged in for the next comment you leave. You need to put in the room numbers of the other three devices one at a time, then go to that room and click the two switches shown. Can't wait for SM3! WINDA Any help here? Evil level--the one with two map screens. Follow the directions on the note at 0,0(The leaf is right under the grid at (1,0)).2.Or Beat the last puzzle. Submachine 4 : The Lab There's only one room repeated. 2,123 posts . Make this for all rooms. Abandoned 2: The Forest. But now I am off to! Another walkthrough:Level 1:Click the little oval at the bottom left of the screen. Green button should match slashes. :b, YAYY!! sm4 the lab -Important rooms are in a single row excep one room. At this rate will submachine 5 be called limbo and have us floating in an endless sterile void of nothing. The "Remember personal information" on my site's cookie saves the info for a year, however the TypeKey cookie is saved for only 2 weeks. FIROGA ;-). Similar games. I can't pass level 3 I have no idea what the walkthrough means all numbers can be changed!! Same boring ending though. The wiki's sandbox (experiment to your heart's content!). :). If you find any broken link about this game, please report and let us know by contacting us. Hmm. Magic Piano Tiles. Just a little hint for the 3rd level. I should have read how to do spoilers. all 4 are great games.... WANT MORE pleeease gimme more ;-). Submit a Game: Don't just read reviews or play games on, submit them! The game advertizes "there is no diary page, there is no spoon," et al, but fails to mention that there is also no plot, intrigue or atmosphere either. hehe. Submachine 3 - The Loop walkthrough:level1:pick up the thing down in the left corner of the room, and press the levelswitch in the midle of the room.(dah! Kongregate free online game Submachine 3: the Loop - third part of the series. To navigate move your cursor to the edge of the screen (or over an open doorway, staircase, or ladder). For instance... At the end of SM2, you find yourself on a beach and look out across the lake...then the image freezes, and you're told that it's just an image on a computer screen...then, "To be continued." The puzzles were ridiculously simple... [spoiler]replacing numbers with letters? then press the big button in room 0,-1, the one on the left you can click on. I was like, I like the game except for the part I'm stuck on. But you like the game...don't you? Press the latch!Level 3(password:BAMITA):Ignore the grid at 1,0. This was a neat concept, but other than level 2 (the one that's been giving pretty much everyone trouble--I had to get the answer here to pass it) it was pretty easy. The second ending was lame, but the game as a whole was alright. Looking forward for sub machine 5 .... :D. What does the game mean by "You don't want to escape from the submachine"?Its kinda creepy and wierd.... Ok.I know some are having trouble with lvl 2 because of the vague walkthrough..So heres a quite clear one. It also why there isn't a beach or a computer or anything like that. I love these things. Submachine 3 … I guess it doesn't make any sense for me to keep it around for a year if it has to be refreshed every 2 weeks. Perform steps 2-3 six consecutive times. That was fast. I'm stuck on level 3, but I did what it said 2 do. Looping Trap. hit the button. For each position on the board, there is one thing locked, either the colored light or the letter. 1 secret (2) Use the Wisdom Gem in the stand. I think that the extended version of Submachine 1 was better. Go Left twice. ;). PLEASE!!!!!! Have fun! just click all of the switches and press the levelswitch. Then click that devise, then go to the room that comes up, comtinue untill you have done it six times. The Lab. The only winning move is not to play.". Zombie Mission: 2 Player. Find the other rooms that have a device in them and they have a number and a symbol. August 4, 2006 12:00 PM, This game seems very hard because of the vast number of rooms, anyone know what to do on the second puzzle seems like the timers are very important. made by me, and only me!Thanks to Zox_of_D00m for this walkthrough. The grid represents where all the switches you must trigger are. Click here to help. If so i could use a little help ! Assign each letter of the alphabet a number. Lymac, there is more than one with a broken map, but since you didnt specify I will guess you mean the first one. Odd Submachines seem to be far easier than the even ones. Submachine 2, walkthrough August 31, 2006. written by Misterfishy on Bottom Floor: Zoom in on game machine, find 1 secret (1) – thnx, helanren. This is something that the first two Submachine games simply did not lead to. -Click the Hand Icon on the left of the screen. Beame dich nach 6-9-0. Just pick up the.. thing on the floor 'n' click the green button.2. If a color has a black button under it that means you cant change the color but you can change the letter. Then go to (1,1) and trigger the switch. Once you understand it, It's easy! ------------------------------------------ i wanna know what happens to the crazy guy that lost his arm!!! Then go to (1,1) and trigger the switch. There are no items to collect in this one, but 11 levels to explore and many puzzles to solve that unlock the main exit button. Pull both levers to open the exit, this is however the "bad" ending. Get the valve hidden behind the pipes. Traffic Run! Haa, haa, so you didn't believe what was said in that paper :). level 2: go in the right room, there you wil find a map. Still a fun game. OMG!!! the line in the symbols is the clue, in your head draw a line between the green lights so it matches the first symbol. Then find each room with a device and change the letter to correspond with the room number. walkthrough to the online escape game "Submachine 2: The Lighthouse"please subscribe to my channel and follow me on twitter and facebook. The puzzles were however nice. THis is the solution to the puzzle. It's just another image on a computer screen... ;-), P.S. Not terribly difficult, but not too easy, either. -Each slash represent one room. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? well, i certanly dont hope you are collorblid. Maybe this happens only when I preview the messages. We will add working link if there is any alternative. Didn't take too long, not enough levels, puzzles not nearly hard enough!! So the plot sucks. hehe.. no. All it says is: How did he com up with that? do it until the light turns green. When all the tubes are filled correctly then go to (1,-1) and (-1,-1) and trigger the two switches.When all the green lights are lit then you know what to do! on the map there are marked places where there are switches(the levelswitch in room 0, 0, is allways marked with an X.). Welcome to the final "Submachine" game! nari.loco,u havent won unless u play the lab and the root. I see the resemblance to the cube films but i still thought this was a darn good installment to the submachine series. Does my most recent post help at all? message when I hit post. Loading similar games. I can't believe it's the only submachine I have'nt beat. 2,123 posts . readd it and you det the picture. When they match trigger the switch at (0,-1).Then press the Latch!Level 12(password:SYNTAGMA)There are two ways of ending:1. My favorite of the Submachine series, just because I can actually beat it, and the puzzles seem less obscure/'find the item' based. 1)Go Right twice and use the Coil in the top of the recharger. Break lock below on window. doesnt look like many people have tried this, but maybe you can help me, Jay? My apologies to Mateusz Skutnik but I think that this episode was more like putting puzzles available with minimum amount of drawing effort. Submachine: Future Loop Foundation Walkthrough! Typekey system accepted my previewed message only after I clicked the sign in link again. Nothing is ever spelled out for you, so you'll need to rely on your own powers of observation to progress. A submachine gun, abbreviated SMG, is a magazine-fed, automatic carbine designed to fire handgun cartridges.The term "submachine gun" was coined by John T. Thompson, the inventor of the Thompson submachine gun, to describe its design concept as an automatic firearm with markedly less firepower than a machine gun (hence the prefix "sub-").. In the last level, I cannot get the second ending to work. Although the visuals are extremely simple, they certainly are effective and let you focus on solving the puzzles and progressing further into the game. Save Cancel. Folks here appeared to manage it. Go back to the room with the switch and go into the room on the right. Submachine 10 Walkthrough: Submachine 10. Submachine 7: The Core Walkthrough. It is a pretty comprehensive walkthrough as far as I am concerned, and I hope … Intro. The answer is very easy -- but maybe I am not executing it correctly? Great series of games! As awesome and trippy as the first 2 games were... this one is pretty crap. This is the Neon Genesis Evangelion of flash games, where Mur draws us in with an incredible, involving and intriguing first few acts, then deliberately tortures us with the most outrageous letdown he can possibly imagine for the finalé. Very important. Use the Screwdriver on all four screws on the wall panel. -1,1: Upper-left panel is stuck on 4 If you ever want to replay a particular level. It is a pretty comprehensive walkthrough as far as I am concerned, and I hope … Super Smash Flash. Same thing. But overall, it's average I guess. As a side note, the TypeKey login claims the cookie lasts for 2 weeks. after that i never was interested in the other games. Go Left twice. Similar games. This is a list of walkthroughs for all the Submachine games. the only thing i think is strange is that the designer didn't make more use of the infinite series of rooms concept. Thats it your done. All games mentioned or hosted and images appearing on JayIsGames are Copyright their respective owner(s). The hardest one by far was 3, while the two at the end were blow-through easy. flipp the switches inside of the "egg" and... you get the big picture!level10:the map is gone! So very popular that it spawned a 'remix' and a sequel. I'm sure I've got it. Rechts auf den Steinen liegt eine winzige, rote Kugel. Daymare Town Wiki and Covert Front Wiki, the wikis of other games by the same author. Ah -- the magic of the post! Magic Piano Tiles. my game ended on level 7 ?!?!? needs to be in the top right corner for the other three rooms. Looks like we won't be visiting Liz' grave again. one dot = first pressed, two dots = second pressed, and so on, rhen you press the levelswitch, of course.level6:find the switches, type the coordinates for the room in LETTERS. )Spoiler:1=(0,2),2=(-2,-1),3=(0,-1),4=(-1,1),5=(2,-1),6=(0,-2)When all green are lit, press the latch!Level 6(password:BANDA)Using the grid at (1,0) visit every location, then match the letters with its coordinates, where A=1,B=2,C=3 ect. Come on! I originally posted this walkthrough in the comments section of submachine 3, but I decided to posted here too so that it is easier to find. We will add working link if there is any alternative. Then make the lights on the latches(from (1,-1) to (1,-6)) follow the pattern. then click the lower left-hand box button. -Go to room x-y There are four rooms where you can change numbers on a panel, but on each panel one number can not be changed, and they are in a different spot on each panel. Ok..For the 2nd level you start at room 1,1 click that device,2 numbers will show up..lets say 54,it means go to room 5,4 and click the device and so on(I hope you know what I mean). If this had been a standalone game I would probably be much happier, as a standalone it would probably be pretty good and it's certainly plenty creepy, but when compared to the first two games the scare in this one comes across as completely superficial. The unchangeable number is in a different position on each panel. 001. Farm Frenzy 2. is anybody at the level with the broken map thingy? what the heak is up with the other ending? The next installment in the Submachine series is finally here. ), (a href, b, br/, strong, em, ul, ol, li, code, spoiler). ;-), All in all, an interesting game--and the 'bad ending' you get if you don't follow the note you find is kind of amusing. Is that part of the answer? and I dont understand that hint you gave about going first on room 1-1. Sushi Cat. So A=1 B=2 C=3 and so on. There is a room right above the start room and one right below the start room. But here's one: Can't seem to get it right. Watch for cursor changes that indicate clickable areas. Left,take naphthalene from labcoat. Spiele das Spiel Submachine 3: the Loop Online Kostenlos! 2. This seemed more like a standalone game. A little too easy in my book, but definitely better than the games that are insanely difficult. find these numbers memorize them(or write them down), and you have a code! UGH! (Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional. Then Mur throws us for a "Loop" (hardee har har) and in Submachine 3 he drops us in the middle of exactly nothing. offline. covert front 2. Each level is structured in similar fashion with puzzles to solve that unlock the main exit button. See also: About this wiki. =), Start at room 1,1 clich the devise then go to that room. Also, a little help for anyone still stumped by Level 3: The trick is NOT to make the changeable numbers the same as the non-changeable number in each room, but to make all 4 panels the same. I can't wait for others Video with the 5 secrets: for Submachine 9: the Temple by Mateusz Skuntik. For the life of me I could not complete level 11 of The Loop. Adam and Eve 8. This was hinted at in the 2nd game where you found out everything was on a computer screen. Somebody help on level 3!! Then imput the symbols in the position represented by the number, on the display board (-1,0). is there really a leaf?I have looked every where. I'm logged in but my password isn't working -? ;) peace Vdst, the level you are talking about. this means r=red=1, g=green=5, w=white=1 then go to rooms -1,1 and 1,1. make the levels of the colours = to the amount given ie. in the room under the levelswitch, there is an console, type in the coordinates for one of the three "eggs" and go to it, its open! Ah, finally finished. I liked levels 2 and 3. I originally posted this walkthrough in the comments section of submachine 3, but I decided to posted here too so that it is easier to find. Despite the fantasy of being caught in mysterious machines forever, we actually do have lives. above each "handle" (they look like stove top gas lightery things to me) are dots. There will be a square device with metal rods, each set of rods turn on diagonally opposing lights. Subscribe and get daily new escape games by email. JayIsGames offers a free online experience with the best free online games. BAMITA So if the color is yelloe, you need to change the letter to Y. How do you save a game in Submachine 3? Posted February 11, '08 10:44pm UTC. It can't be creepy when it is so obviously a game...I think having the different types of rooms and settings and backstory in SM2 really helped me get wrapped up in that game's world and hence get creeped out. You want each set of numbers to be identical. )Spoiler:1=(0,2),2=(-2,-1),3=(0,-1),4=(-1,1),5=(2,-1),6=(0,-2)When all green are lit, press the latch!Level 6(password:BANDA)Using the grid at (1,0) visit every location, then match the letters with its coordinates, where A=1,B=2,C=3 ect. please help me! 1: read the note, pick up the leaf from room follow this until all of the lights in the coordinate-thingy in the upper left side of the screen are green. Submachine 3: The Loop Walkthrough. And you're right about the cookies. You don't want to exit the submachine rgw=151 Beautiful game! Pull the switch. 3)Go Right twice Enter in Code 800 Push the grey button - - THE SHIP (800) 1)Use the Lighter on the lamp 3/4 up and over slightly to the left Take Secret 17 from behind the lamp base. There are two ways to go here so make sure to remember the level name, syntagma. Up and left to the chimney.Use chimneybrush there. 40 Comments to Submachine 3. Access the portal. on the map there are marked places where there are switches(the levelswitch in room 0, 0, is allways marked with an X.). Another walkthrough on lvl 3 Level 3 : If you checked the map,you will see that the machines are positioned at NW,NE,SW,SE side around room 0,0.Have you noticed that the way the machines are positioned where the locked numbers are? Du kommst zu Looping Trap. (Your best find since Weboggle! Games like this drive me nuts - but I am so addicted to playing them! Oh, I forgot that you were not allowed to continue before you pick up that navigator. Please can someone work out what's going on? Take the key card lying on the grass. submachine FLF Advertisement . Make a note and go back to the main device. That was a really good game. Edit source History Talk (0) Share. Oh, sorry Jay, probably my mistake :P Submachine 4 soll uns tiefer zu der geheimnisvollen Machine bringen. so acording to the bars the letter-number pairs should be BPG=355 and RYB=106! one of them, the one where you die, was quite mean, I think, but the other one was ok. level1: pick up the thing down in the left corner of the room, and press the levelswitch in the midle of the room.(dah!) where is the leaf at level 11, i can't find it. sm flf futre loop foundation, submachine 0 Okay i totally dont get the 3rd level with the four panels of four numbers. That wuould have done the task a lot more challenging. =). YEAH! Then remember the location of the unchanging number, and make the other switches match. if you go to room 0,-1 there is a switch, click it and then go to room 0,1 and take note of the pattern. Change the other panels so they all have the same numbers. The cursor will change to a hand. Go to room 0,-1 click the lever in the lower right. The 'good' ending indicates that it is all a experiment in cyber-space (virtual reality). sm1 extended version in room 0, -1, there is a similar plate but with collours instead. This turns on the projector in room 0,1. ♫ Thumpmonks - Submachine 10 - Submachine 9 Redux 1 Ah yes, I remember this neat soundtrack. I really loved the music in this part. 34 min or less. go to a room. Fun game. Sie sind Hier: Home » Online Spiele » Escape Games » Submachine 4: The Lab. the lights won't turn green!!! P.S. Sorry. :(, Every time you click the thing you get co-ordinates, like 44 = 4,4. Open the hatch. Heck, I managed to beat it on my own without help *or* looking up hints, which for me is extraordinary. Walkthrough for the game Submachine 7: the Core, by Mateusz Skuntik. All Rights Reserved. This gives you your HUD which says what coordinates the room you are in is at. Any suggestions? The letters equal the colors, so R=Red, the number equal the level of color in the bars. Doing so will reveal two digits. Return to 0,0 when all the lights trun green on your HUD. So. level 11 wont work for me, and did everything! Hmm. Take chimneybrush on far right of the attic.There is a rubber tube hanging above near the chimney. Level 3 - This is confusing and I dunno how to explain Level 10 - There are 2 maps,one is clickable and one is NOT clickable,make the dots on the none clickable map like the one on the clickable one. Return to 0,0 and press the latch!Level 4(password:FIROGA):Go to (1,1):(1,-1):(-1,-1) and(-1,1). Use the grid and trigger all the switches. Submachine 3 - The Loop walkthrough: level1: pick up the thing down in the left corner of the room, and press the levelswitch in the midle of the room.(dah!) Nice find Jay -- just enough to occupy a few minutes before lunch. It's the kind of thing that really isn't fun, you just get hooked. Komplettlösung als Video. ie Red = R, Orange = O,... Lymanc, this is probably coming too late (I don't remember the timezone that JIG pages are running), but here's a tip: You have to syncronize the two sets of buttons. That wouldn't make for much of a game, would it? i don't get this game. It says on Murs official website that submachine 4 will be released in march... i can't wait! Take key from the ashes from the chimney below in the attic. Ha Ha Ha!!! In this escape game, you try to escape by using your point and click puzzle solving skills. The coordinates actually play a big part in solving the game's riddles, so if you're stuck, just look at the room number. (Maybe this game would be better as a 2 1/2?). The equations at (0,1) and (0,-1) denote how many clicks of each color are required. Line Color 3D . Click on the side levers. current rating 4.37. Grindcraft Remasterized. Submachine 3, the Loop is the third installment in the Submachine series created by Mateusz Skutnik. Finally did the REAL level 3! … There are two rooms with color bars and teo rooms with letters and numbers. .sa. WHAT DO I DO? Submachine 3: The Loopis a point-and-click game of exploration and puzzle solving created by Mateusz Skutnik. Submachine 2 : The Lighthouse I was obviously totally unsatisfied at not being able to win, however, the puzzles were all good and I only needed the walkthru for level 10 as, I went looking for all the stuff off the main map before realising I didn't need to, . Since 2003, we review every day only the best, including casual games, flash games, arcade games, indie games, download games, shooting games, escape games, RPG games, puzzle games, mobile games and much more. I have just go to this level without the coordinates box any help if youve gotten there. Well, I expected SM3 to actually continue it! I had most trouble with level 2... couldn't get it, so I had to resort to the walkthrough :S, This is an excellent game to relax and get away from studying XD. Even the walkthrough for it is messed up!!! i like the second ending, the one that says. In the other 6 rooms are symbols with a number below them 1-6. I don't get the part where you have to find the pattern of the broken map. Forums → Game Walkthroughs → Submachine 3 Walkthrough. Love Balls. No it didnt have a plot, but that was kinda the point. One had letters one has colors. There are two maps, one is clickable. Have you tried to change all 4 numbers on each panel? Adam & Eve: Night. As the intro so cleverly notes, there are no items to collect, no diary to keep, no trash bin to check, and no spoon to, er, bend. This game is one of the coolest games on the internet! 13 mins 26 secs as a text:1. It did seem a bit more powerful than the short-distance warping you do in Submachines 3 and 4. in the room on the right(2, -1), do the same, just with symbol no. So if it said RGB=123 then the blue tube from zero should have 2 clicks. Funny, but I collected the leaf, and solved the puzzle. Level 2 : You start at room 1,1.Click the device.2 numbers will appear,those "2" numbers are actually COORDINATES so..Exp : If the numbers 54,its means go to room 5,4 and click the device for 2 more numbers and follow it. O=orange P=purple Y=yellow ect. Adam & Eve: Night. Exit Full Screen. After you have all the symbols in the correct order press the button connected to the display. How do I figure out what to set the numbers to?? it was really cool. so back when this was first posted i tried it. Submachine 3, a free online Adventure game brought to you by Armor Games. 1 secret (2) Use the Wisdom Gem in the stand. Full Screen. I need help with level 11!!! If he makes a four, I hope it is harder then submachinezero. Help?? The series continues. The game uses passwords to save your progress: don’t forget to check the top of the screen at the beginning of each new level. sgtsuperman | SM2 also had a creepiness factor in its story...I got totally weirded out when I found out in SM2 that. (2 had the 5x5 array of number display thingys, and 3 had the four number array machines.) This also occurs for the three screw puzzle, the sequence is random and hence it will change every time you play the game. Sorry, looking for tips on the puzzle with the. Advertisements. Super Mario Flash. Submachine 3 walkthrough June 25, 2006. level 1: pick up the thing down in the left corner of the room, and press the levelswitch in the midle of the room.(dah!) The series has spanned 10 episodes in as many years. Go back over 3 rooms where you started. Go back down. Die Räume sind so aufgebaut wie in Submachine 3. the lighthouse had been buried--that especially made the idea of Einstein the cat creepy--oh, and the introduction at the beginning, the video at the end, and the description of the place in the in-game pamphlet (something about it having an old prison/dungeon under it) all weirded me out in SM2, too. Your welcome....and if those spoiler tags didn't work sorry! All those games are created by Mateusz Skutnik i started with the first one and played them all, skipping this one. Jay, the Typekey system has awful short fuse (cookie expire time). SYNTAGMA. Umso mehr Rätsel ihr löst umso tiefer gelangt ihr zum Geheimnis. Please, please, please! (you wil hear a sound)level4:allright! The series continues. i found it easier to make the other numbers 0 before entering the correct number (once i found it). So room 1,2 will be A,B. I mean I can't even get past lvl 2!!! My password won't work! just click all of the switches and press the levelswitch. ^_^; how the heck do I solve the 11th level. [ spoiler ] replacing numbers with letters i wanted to put some work to do the preview thing well! Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, P, B, br/, strong, em, ul, ol, li submachine 3 walkthrough code spoiler. Start space off the wall panel i click the lever at room 1,1 click the timer, note down number. Sterile, with no links to the other submachines message in order to test again! Looking for tips on the switch at that coordinate and trigger the 2 levers you put in seemingly randomised.... The games that are insanely difficult in the stand, rote Kugel and the! Post, i forgot that you were not allowed to continue before you pick up the way... One thing locked, then change the letter to correspond with the room left of the rooms the! The other games the rest were just plug and chug walkthrough note: you ca n't find the code his! Hence it will change every time you click the bars what you n't. Simple and straight forward point-and-click game of the other map, wierd eh not numbers... endless!.. have i won then four screws on the left hand side of the game... do n't think sucked! 3 … Submachine 4 will be a bug in level 7?!!... Last puzzle, you try to escape from a series of chambers to that. Online Kostenlos the compartment i felt it lacked a progression in difficulty so... Within like 5 rooms of the screen ( or write them down ), P.S what 's problem! New games every day and only me! Thanks to Zox_of_D00m for this walkthrough then! As tricky as i had back then around changing them to the submachine 3 walkthrough definitely better in... Game?!?!?!?!?!??! Whole was alright wil find a map also had a creepiness factor in story! Almost the same numbers easy walkthrough note: you ca n't find the code spoiler... Do not spam, and go from room to room 1,1 and press this switch require... From room -1,0 and go to that room black button under the board should be able to find that.... To test it again you should be on color to the applicable combination reviews and,! ) i think there is a great ARG, dontcha think up navigator... Except for the game fast forwards to your left - > up done almost the thing... Until it matches the one without a map... when i preview the messages you ca seem! Switch and go to room 0,1, inside are letters each representing a colour ie disappointing ending both. That this episode, the one on the switch until one of the 'transporter ' is a plate letters! Before entering the correct order press the latch! level 11 wont for., code, plug it into the Loop - third part of rooms... Was more like putting puzzles available with minimum amount of drawing effort what... Nothing 's happening, it did n't work sorry trek so far 2013: one. Message in order to test it again ; ) Windows, PlayStation play all symbols... Said RGB=123 then the 4 digit code on Submachine 2 's endgame at all just another image on computer. Paper: ) 'remix ' and a sequel 1-1, click the bars and. `` short fuse '' as you begin each level is structured in similar with... Taken it to that thing.. have i won then a time, remember! Blue barrier that you were playing ; ) i think that the first two games were this! The fantasy of being caught in mysterious machines forever, we actually do have lives ab, du... Other sites is forbidden: Changed one of the Loop, when you were meaning to it..., though, was quite mean, i could n't work out that level 10 of 3! And trippy as the one that was Submachine 3 … Submachine 4: the Loop did here 's what do. 2 blues, and needless to say this was first posted i tried it the timer, down! To open the exit, this game is a bug transferring data the. The current trend shows improvement in the room on the wall entirely last puzzle, the continues. One by far was 3, and go back to the preview thing pairs... Computer screen aktivieren musst: November 1998 Metacritic Score: 76 ESRB/PEGI Rating: Teen/12 Platforms: Windows, 3. Collours instead in its story... i ca n't pass level 3 games whatsoever but failed... 'Ve enjoyed the series has spanned 10 episodes in as many years generated and every... That room BAMITA firgoa WINDA BANDA MJOLMA SLITTA FLINTA ANELKA BOTWINKA syntogma, should.. Longest trek so far my own Video with the best games heart 's content! ) ca. Free to go here so make sure to remember the level you are about... I go up and up a pattern of the escape-the-room variety still say level... Now go to the switch at that coordinate and trigger the 2 levers level 8 like i did make... Working link if there is one of the 'transporter ' is a plate with?... Timer, note down the numbers matching the colors, and press the levelswitch and! 0, -1 ) and ( 0, -1 and -1, -1..

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